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About Us

about us

Memory Box Flowers was founded in 2022.

Our founder Nick Sykes is a former NHS manager. After losing a close friend to pancreatic cancer on Christmas Day 2021, he decided to set up a company which could help bring comfort and support to others through times of death and grief. Bereavement is a period in our lives that we all find devastating, hard to cope with, and difficult to talk about.


The concept of garden bulbs being given as a gift in remembrance was born out of the cyclical seasons of nature. Each year, new flowers bring forth colour, happy memories and a sense of calm. Nature is a powerful healer. Planting new bulbs are a personal way of commemorating someone special, and the flowers let people know they are remembered, loved, and missed.

`Memory Box Flowers is dedicated to the cherished memory of my friend Angela Jariwala, author and Edinburgh Fringe Festival judge, who embraced life and was always an absolute joy to be around.’